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Video, Still Photography, Graphics and Editing Demo. I shoot and edit News, Interviews, Documentary, Sports, Event, Instructional, Commercial and Infomercial video. I have much more demo video for news and video production if needed.

I am a ENG News Photographer and Editor with years of experience in the local news industry. My latest broadcast news assignment was working for KESQ-TV in Palm Springs California. I was the early morning news program’s live shot photographer. I have experience in ENG Live truck operation. I have knowledge of both Final Cut Pro and Avid Newscutter NLEs. I was nominated for a local Emmy award for shooting and editing “War Games” a short feature documentary about training at Twenty-nine Palms Marine Base. As Production Director at TTV Media, I was shooting and editing Television programs, Documentaries and Commercial Spots. Today I am a Freelance Videographer shooting for companies like Sports Illustrated, AOL, Super Media, BIE Media, TurnHere Media, StudioNow and Stringing for Local News Stations in Southern California. If you are watching these demo reels, you probably have seen my resume. I hope I am the person that you are looking for. Please contact me if you have any questions.


The Gun Range


Restaurant Sizzle Reel

Beer Hunter LaQuinta

Most of the video on the upper portion of this web page include examples of my News Photography and Editing. I was the Production Director for TTV Media a Film and Television Production company in Palm Springs California. My credits Include “Live with Steve” Spitz-talk show, “Its a Dogs World “ with Michael Wombacker reality show. We were working on pre-production for a late night television show with hip-hop personality “Flavor Flave” and a couple of Sports television shows. I also produce, shoot, and edit television spots. I dabble in Computer Generated Graphics using FCP and Photoshop. These are examples of my work. Thanks again for viewing my work and I hope I can help you with your video needs. I am available for freelancing at a good rate. Thanks

I shot and edited this spot for Fantasy Balloon Flights. I used both a DVCPro 50 and High Definition Camera on this shoot. Fantasy Balloons Flights are located in Indian Wells Ca.

This is one of the breaking news for Hemet CA television station KHEM-TV (now KZSW-TV Temecula CA)

TTV Media Produces the Spotlight on the Desert television magazines show. Sportlight is seen on MY13 in Palm Spring and NBC4 in Los Angeles. I created the opening graphics for the 2009 season.

David D. Peña at the Palm Spring International Airport during President Gerald R. Ford’s Funeral. Live shot or Air Force One’s departure with the President Ford’s body while at KESQ-TV ABC channel 3. Bring News, History and Entertainment into the living room through my lens.

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